Tali Yaacobi Event Production is Israel’s leading and most prestigious production company. The company is headed jointly by designer Tali Yaacobi, responsible for the creative aspect of the work, and Ofer Gover, who deals with operational matters. The very distinctive character of events produced by Tali and Ofer is made possible by a marriage of creativity with highly advanced technology – achieving globally unsurpassed levels of innovation. This combination of Tali’s creativity and Ofer’s administrative and operational abilities, accompanied by the input of an experienced and accomplished professional staff, has won the company great esteem and a highly commendable reputation among event producers, both in Israel and worldwide. Our policy is centered on the production of a small number of events of the very highest quality each year. Before entering into an agreement with a prospective client, each event is examined using the strictest event-specific parameters. At every possible opportunity, we ask “Are we able to uphold our self-imposed high level of standards in order to remain the best?”  The company is presently rated at the top of the Israeli and foreign prestige production business in terms of event design and production, in both the private and business sectors. Throughout our fifteen years of operation, we have produced hundreds of private, business and public events for Israeli and international companies in Israel and Europe as well as private events for an elite, top quality audience.


Cooperation with the customer
The relationship and cooperation we enjoy with all our customers has become a touchstone and reflects what we believe to be the authentic and correct approach to event production. We have long realized that a good event is one that completely reflects the customer’s tastes and requirements. This means that the customer is involved in both the creative and the organizational process from the moment the team begins to work.
From the very first moment of any relationship with a client, we focus on fruitful cooperation with the customer who, after all, knows their guests better than anyone else. This partnership is an absolutely essential element in turning a client’s request into a highly successful event from every conceivable aspect.


Getting down to detail
The next stage of preparing an event involves drilling down to the smallest detail. Years of experience have led us to realize that the planning process is no less important than the event itself. Any event can be ruined if even a small detail becomes an obstacle or causes a problem.  We ensure that we have a contingency for every conceivable situation in order to create the perfect event, whatever it may be.
We have a policy that the precise execution of each production must be absolute, without any slips or mistakes. This emphasis on the highest standards has ensured that the Tali Yaacobi Event Production Company’s name has become a hallmark of quality and precision.  Consequently, we set the standards for dozens of other companies in the business.


Creating the concepts
The process of generating the concept for the event and its properties is an internal procedure that includes brainstorming among the artists, designers, suppliers and technical consultants related to the designated event. We never work on so-called “off the shelf” productions. Every event undergoes lengthy complex and comprehensive screening, analysis and planning. Since customer communication is vital throughout the entire process — from the signing of the contract to the end of the event — advanced imaging technology is used to give the customer a presentation that demonstrates the planned event as precisely as possible, while making the most of the event site and location.


The event and its guests
After we have received the customer’s approval for the concept and operation, we begin to look at things from the viewpoint of the invited guests.  We know that every guest attending an event is judging what he sees and feels. Therefore, in addition to our special emphasis on the core content, we never forget to assess how everything will be perceived by the participants. Our concept of perfection is an event that provides its guests with the perfect blend of colors, sounds and sensual stimulation.  That, combined with complete customer satisfaction, is the overriding objective of the Tali Yaacobi Event Production Company.


“We will continue to realize dreams in our special fashion and give you an event that is magical, that blows away the senses and exudes love. Experience your event like you do great wine. Enjoy the color, become addicted to the scent, revel in the flavor and fall in love…” (Tali Yaacobi)